I have nearly 13 years of teaching experience and six years of innovative curriculum development experience, including in large classes. As an NSF GK-12 fellow, I co-taught high school biology at an under-resourced school in Missouri. In the years that followed, I taught a wide range of biology courses including Introductory Biology, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Statistics, Anatomy and Physiology, Chordate Zoology, Nutrition, Animal Behavior, Evolution, and Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology.


For the past two years, I have taught the Introductory Biology course at Stony Brook University and over the past six years, have worked to take it from a lecture-based format with no group work, to a course that aligns with Vision and Change and BioCore, has measurable learning objectives, and allows students to engage with the material using daily active learning activities in small permanent groups, all while continuing to serve ~1000 students a year. Every semester, I use evidence to add further innovations to this course with the aim of creating an inclusive and equitable learning environment centered around student thinking. I lead a large team of Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (pictured in aisles in the photo to the right) to achieve these goals.


In addition to my ability to teach these courses, my content expertise as a biologist also qualifies me to teach advanced courses in animal behavior, microbiology, and genetics. My skill set also includes six years of experience in education research that has provided expertise in curriculum development, assessment methodologies, and student cognition. I have co-developed and led graduate and undergraduate Teaching Assistant workshops that focus on these skills.

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