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I teach the following courses in the spring semester

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Principles of Organismal Biology

The overarching goal of this course is to provide a strong foundation in the fundamental concepts that are needed to solve biological problems in the areas of organismal, ecological, and evolutionary biology. Whether your career goal is medicine, basic research, clinical research, teaching, conservation, or sustainability, a rigorous understanding of these basic principles is essential. Topics are presented in relation to five overall themes endorsed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology: Nature and Process of Science, Evolution, Information Flow, Systems, and Structure-Function. 

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UTA Professional Development for the Ecological and Evolutionary Sciences

This professional development course prepares undergraduate teaching assistants (UGTAs) to support the meaningful and equitable learning of gateway biology students in the Ecological and Evolutionary Sciences. The course is designed to cover core topics in teaching and learning based off of the most current research and policy documents available. These topics include the cognition of learning, effective feedback, effective group work, equity and diversity in the classroom, as well as an introduction to the teaching and learning of all six core biology content areas outlined in AAAS’s Vision and Change policy document. All students enrolled in this course will also be a UGTA for Biol204 in the same semester. Students who apply for this course and who are accepted will receive permission to register. See updates about this course here.

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